We enjoy anything speculative; fantasy and science-fiction in all its forms from space opera to post-apocalyptic YA and the paranormal.


Fiction 10,000 words or less (We accept short stories, novelettes, flash fiction, and novel excerpts, as long as they make a fair amount of sense being read as standalone pieces. Query us at alcyonesubmissions@gmail.com for anything longer than 10,000 words. We will also consider novels, novellas, chapbooks, and other full-length works through Bloostone Press, the publishing house that runs Alcyone.)

Poetry 100 lines or less (In a single poem or in multiple poems as long as they fall at or below this threshold.)


  • No simultaneous submissions.
  • No multiple submissions.
  • Reprints are acceptable, as long as you own the rights to your piece(s).
  • Submit pieces as attachments in .docx, .doc, or .rtf form.
  • Please submit fiction in Standard Manuscript Format, though Times New Roman is acceptable if you don’t want to use Courier.
  • Please submit a PDF of poems along with your document in order to ensure that we get your formatting right.
  • Please include a brief third-person bio with your submission and cover letter. Cover letters are important; please don’t just attach your file with no email body.
  • Include “Submission – Poetry/Fiction – Title” in your email’s subject line (substituting your information for the form and title).


The contract asks for First World Electronic Rights, as well as Nonexclusive Reprint Rights and Nonexclusive Anthology Rights. We will not own your story, and six months after its publication, you have the right to sell it to another publisher, as long as that publisher states that it accepts reprints. The contract also asks for Archival Rights, which will allow us to publish your story here on our website. We also ask for the right to attach your name, the biographical information you send us, and potentially a photo of you along with your story so that we can give you publicity.


We can’t currently offer monetary compensation, but we hope to change that in the near future. We will give each author a free digital copy of the issue in which their work appears.


Our goal is to publish monthly, as long as the amount of submissions supports that objective. If we don’t receive enough submissions or if personal matters get in the way, we will publish as frequently as possible, keeping authors apprised of when their work will become available.