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Join the editors of Alcyone for tales of distant worlds, dystopian futures, magic and mystery, and much more. In our second issue, a woman learns she can duplicate herself, the ghosts of the past haunt the living, and the timestream bends to allow passage. And that’s just the beginning.

“Whisper in the Dark” by Elena Sichrovsky
“Hungry Ghost” by Joseph M. Felser
“Ubiquity” by Armine Mortimer
“The Call of the Stars” by Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter
“Sentinel 27” by Cameron Kirk
“The stolen ghosts” by Meg Smith
“The Machine” by Jeff Fleischer
“The Re-History of Earth From a Purely Martian Perspective” by Al Simmons
“Donald the First” by David Wendel
“Fantasy Cabinet” by Mike Tuohy
“After the Ball” by F.J. Bergmann
“The Jink” by Marri Champié
“First Contact” by Ken Poyner
“Homecoming” by Chris Daruns
“Intolerance” by Gregory Kimbrell
“Evolution” by Mandi Jourdan