Alcyone is a publication of Bloodstone Press, which was founded in Carbondale, Illinois, in 2017. Bloodstone is currently seeking novels, novellas, and chapbooks and in order to submit them, please email with “BLOODSTONE PRESS – NOVEL/NOVELLA/CHAPBOOK – TITLE – WORD COUNT” in the subject line.

We are seeking speculative fiction for novels and novellas, and we will consider any genre of poetry for chapbooks.

Current Projects: 

Everything We Want by Wayne-Daniel Berard

With the world on the verge of total economic collapse, a President initiates a radical solution: anyone working full-time gets an EWW card—Everything We Want. With it they can buy anything, as much as they want, as often as they want. The economy booms. But not everyone is thrilled with this utopia; the ARTS—poets, painters, musicians—can’t prove their work hours, and the GUTS—wandering ascetics—reject all materialism. Plus, mysterious serial killers are culling the ranks of the EWWS. It’s Detective Third Class Norah Glantz’s first big case, and she finds herself working with ART Bezazle (an attractive, eccentric artist) and his companion même (an empath who mimes your innermost feelings). With them, Norah will face the murderous Wolfpack as well as questions of her own core identity.

The Silenced by Mandi Jourdan

Johanna and her friends on the high school’s scholar bowl team have never been popular, so when their classmates begin to ignore the team’s existence completely, no one is immediately suspicious. It isn’t until her teammates start to disappear that Johanna realizes something is very wrong. Can she determine what’s happening to her friends before the dark figures haunting her nightmares come for her, too?

The Sci-Fi Dreams of a Little Girl by Sandy Wickersham-McWhorter

[Cover coming soon!]

The Winter Road by Alex Findlay

[Cover coming soon!]

Published Works: 

Warhawks by Mandi Jourdan

Leonidas Ravenwood joined Admiral Moore’s Human Liberation Army with the goal of eliminating the bird-like volucri and protecting his family. He didn’t anticipate the volucri would learn his identity and bring the fight to him. When Leonidas’s home is attacked and his daughter is abducted, he learns how little his life and those of his family members mean to the Admiral. This becomes doubly terrifying when Leonidas’s wife Septima volunteers to join the HLA in the hope that its resources will help her to find their daughter and Leonidas is ordered to train her to kill. In this print and Kindle release of Mandi Jourdan’s novella that marks the opening of Bloodstone Press, two flash fiction pieces and a short story within the Warhawks universe are included

Immortal Dissent by Mandi Jourdan

For untold years, the vampires created by Apollo and the mages created by Artemis have been at war. The two races were blessed with gifts, each designed to keep the other in check as the vampires fed on blood to survive and the mages hunted vampires to keep them from causing too much harm to the world at large. Over the last few centuries, many mages have been corrupted by the glory of the hunt while certain members of the Born, the vampiric elite, have been planning a new world in which they will be unrestricted by their hunters—no matter how many people they have to kill to see that world brought to life. Within this collection of stories and historical documents from both sides, blood feuds span hundreds of years, families are torn apart by death and betrayal, and a series of young men and women struggle to find their place in a war that it seems no one can win.

Kairos by Lana Grey

Through the stories of Hestia and Andromeda and reflections on her own life, poet Lana Grey explores time, love, loss, and damaged relationships of all kinds in her first chapbook from Bloodstone Press